Connection was founded in 1999 by Roberto Zuccaro (current CEO and Director of Sales).
From the very beginning we experienced a constant growth and an encouraging increase in sales. To meet the need for larger production and office space, in 2008 we moved into our new headquarters in San Vendemiano.
In recent years we have strongly wanted to redefine our operation and production methodologies. Today we differ from our competitors because of:
- Our exclusive contracts with leading manufacturers of brand name components;
- The continued investments in skills training in order to create a staff of reliable, accurate, and highly specialized personnel;
- The existence of a technical office coordinated by specialized engineers and a logistics office dedicated to serving the needs of the customer;
- The competence of a technical staff that wishes to be a point of reference, working as a partner in the development and analysis of your projects;
- The current operating and logistics system allows streamlined production, reducing order fulfillment time to a minimum.