Dual monitors

Dual monitors for each workstation to increase the efficiency of the operators and reduce paper waste.

Automatic lines

Three automatic lines for the manufacture of wires and multicore cables with the ability to inkjet markings directly on the wire (also for individual customized panels).

iPad supplied to each operator

iPad supplied to each operator. An App of our own design allows maximum efficiency without wasting paper with the opportunity to view the most recent data update in real-time from the server. Technical details, photos, wiring diagrams and specifications of each phase are viewable on each operator’s iPad.

Pick and Place

Thanks to the App on iPad supplied to the warehouses, incoming material is sorted efficiently using the Pick and Place method.

Automatic detection of processing times

Automatic detection of processing times permits effective cost control.

Real-time modification

Real-time modification in the processing sequence of customer orders.

Other Pluses
• Materials management using KanbanFlow.
• Real-time management of committed material using our App.
• Lead time: 7 days from placed order.